Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

House Pointing 2

The pointing is finished! Apologies for the quality of the photos but these were taken in November when the sun was low.

It’s difficult to see from these pictures, but in reality the workmanship is superb and the house looks similar to the day it was originally built - with the exception of double glazing.

I’m delighted. It’s been a long haul but my lovely expert was very tidy.  Such a craftsman is difficult to find these days. Modern homes are not built using lime mortar; in fact few are built using stone nowadays.

As a wee treat to myself I had the date placed on the front.  For the past few weeks I’ve been researching further into the history and discovered it was very possibly built in 1838 so that’s the date that’s been carved into a piece of local slate and embedded on the front stonework (hard to see from the top photo but it is there!)

It’s wonderful to come home and feel I’ve helped protect something for many years to come.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

House Pointing

It’s long been a dream of mine to have the stonework of the house returned to its original lime mortar and the many amateur efforts to repair it with concrete removed.

I was so lucky to meet one of Scotland’s experts and he started a few weeks ago.  The work will take some time because it’s very hard on the wrists and hands and we’ve agreed to do it slowly.

The photo shows the beginning of the ‘chipping out’ of the front lounge section.  I’ll post other photos as it progresses.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


What a strange summer it’s been produce wise.  My local supplier of asparagus had such a poor crop this year that his prices were triple what they were last year.  Also his cutting season lasted just over two weeks instead of the usual six, so asparagus wasn’t on the menu unfortunately.  I’m looking forward to a bumper crop next year though.

Berries were abundant and again the most popular at the breakfast table was the red juicy strawberry.  Raspberries and blackcurrants were also available but few chose them when strawberries were also presented.

Hopefully next year we’ll have another good crop of strawberries for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

March is a strange time of year.  Too cold to be out in the garden for long, yet the planning for colour has to start now.

My latest passion is begonias, all sorts of begonias.  Last year I had trailing begonias in my hanging baskets but because of the wet weather, sadly their flowers were often knocked by the rain and wind.  Yet I don't intend to give up and this year I'm trying to bring back some tubers I saved.  Little success so far but who knows.

The sitooterie is looking like a mini-greenhouse although there's still plenty space to sit and unwind.

Yesterday I was given a present of 20 begonia tubers and how delighted I was.  They're not the hanging variety but I intend to start them off in trays of compost then transfer them to 5" pots once the shoots are around an inch or two.  They should look lovely in pots as they're a mixture of colours.

As yet I haven't thoroughly checked the garden out for any plants which didn't survive the snow.  Fortunately the heaviest snowfall wasn't around for long because the temperature rose within days and that made such a difference.  We still needed to clear the drive though because we like our guests to have as easy access and egress as possible.

Next time I write I hope I'll have been able to turn the heating down and discard the heavy jumpers!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Proms at Glamis is Cancelled

It's just come to my notice that the Proms at Glamis, which were scheduled to take place the evening of 10th August in the grounds, has been cancelled.

It seems the recession has hot another wonderful event, but as we all know, organising and putting on such events isn't cheap - quite the contrary.

So, if you know of anyone who was attending and had bought tickets, please let them know so they can apply for a refund.

Glamis is still one of my favourite places in which to recharge my batteries.  I've lost count of the visits I've made over the years and I've yet to hear any guest say they didn't enjoy their own time there.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Website Completed!

Phew!  It's done - the new website that is.  Have a look and see what you think. It's taken some time to understand the software, but I managed in the end.

The redesign started when I received a new computer from Santa.  In fact two Santas.  My old computer was on its last legs and, looking around the new one, I noticed it had many new bits and pieces.

Because I use an iMac sometimes free software is hard to find, but I noticed Sandvox was website building for only Mac users and it also insisted it was idiot proof.  That's for me I thought.

Many years ago, long before websites were the norm for any business, I built my own from Mac software.  It was easy because sites were simple then.  The last site I had was kindly done for me by a lovely gentleman who took pity on my pathetic efforts with Dreamweaver.  I couldn't master that then and still can't understand it.

The new site looks good on tablets and if the media are correct saying 40% of people use tablets for browsing, then perhaps it's a good move for it to suit mobile as well as desktop and laptop equipment.

Now it's time to put some thought into the summer garden.  

Do keep warm.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A New Year and Winter

library picture

It's too long since I posted and for that I apologise.  Early winter brought the cold virus into the house and my cold developed into pneumonia.  Three courses of antibiotics later I was back on form but I still didn't have any voice.  That had vanished when the cold started.

However, much to many people's dismay, the voice returned before Christmas and I was able to take part in the fun.

In November we had quite a fall of snow which took a couple of weeks to clear, but over the festive season the weather was pleasant and everyone was able to get out and about with no problem.

Last year was also a reasonable winter and I wonder if it's because I bought winter tyres then.  What a difference they make on icy and slushy roads.  Now I wouldn't be without then because they give me so much confidence driving in bad weather.

Part of my 'chores' this winter was to update my website and I hope to have it up online very soon.  Will let you know when it's active.

Meanwhile, rather belatedly, I wish you and yours good health and peace for 2013.